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July 1, 2012

I Dreamed a Dream...

It's been almost 3 years that I am writing on this. What happened I wonder? Did I succumb to writer's block? I think only a true writer can own such a privilege, isn't it so? No! it has mostly been laziness... You know the stuff that starts with thunder and motivation and soon withers down! People say that a passion is something that keeps you going.. once you start you just keep pursuing it, keep excelling and sustaining it. So one thing is achieved at least - writing is not my passion! else I would have kept it going somehow. Isn't it so? I am confused - at least I justify my blog title.

So why today? Well, for starters, I am supposed to be studying for a very rigorous Java exam - so it could be that I know everything and I am just eager and restless to get the exam over with - or - I know nothing. Actually, it's neither! I am somewhere in the middle - you know the kind where you feel you kinda know the stuff and then your friend comes along, confuses you and moments later you feel like you know nothing? Then you hit the books in panic and you feel - there! there! I am doing OK!

But its something else - I watched Susan Boyle's video when she came on Britain's Got Talent for the very first time. (I have seen this several times before in case people are like duh! that was ages ago!) Every time I see the video a quiet motivation steers within me. I use motivation for lack of a better word. Someone please tell me what the word is when you wonder at a middle aged woman singing one of the most soul-touching songs and you are covered with goose bumps all over and your heart just kind of stops to capture the whole moment. And what a song! She fulfilled the dream she dreamed at 47. She said she wanted to 'rock her audience' and she brought them to their feet in her very first line. Even after her performance, not once did she rebuke the audience or the judges for being 'cynical' as Amanda put it. She invoked raw emotions in anyone and everyone listening to her song.

I dream too. Have always done so and will continue doing. I feel like going out there and achieving my dreams when I hear this song and other songs, other writings, and stories of men and women who have risen beyond what they born as, what they were labeled as and sometimes even what they were defined as. The power of the ordinary makes you extraordinary. Small tales of countries and people and societies, of love and passion, of forgiveness and truth and wisdom - that's what is extraordinary - its not a miracle, its not a super power - its just you - being you every day and working with that power within you everyday. The power that made Susan Boyle a sensation, that made JK Rowling create another world of its own, that made Martin Luther King stir an uprising. 

Thank you! All these countless people before me to guide me, mentor me and fill me with an urge to be something, to do something - to go beyond myself and achieve something - i know not what - but to answer that call within me to make a difference to myself and to others - to love and forgive with all my heart - to live truthfully and with the utmost fulfillment - To make this world of ours a better place and fill it with more hope and more love than we have received - To make it not just survivable but livable and whole and happy.

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