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May 17, 2009

The Plan

He was tired and hungry, but he dared not move. All his senses were on an alert tonight. It was just one of those days where instinct and intuition prevailed over sense and reason. His friends (he chose to call them that; it simplified things) thought he was being paranoid but they had all decided to stick together so there they were.
The hours slipped away. It must have been well past midnight now. His fellow companions were getting impatient. He himself longed to get this over with; visions of a filled stomach and warm, comfortable night were looming in his mind. But, he knew this was important. He thought of his mother, her brutal murder and his resolve strengthened. He thought of the others injured painfully and knew they would not survive if this mission was not successful.
The plan was simple. Stick together, hurry to the dungeon, take what they required and hurry away before the enemy found out what had happened. His friends thought he was taking unnecessary precaution when he had asked them all to stay well and clear from the doorway. They thought the enemy would definitely not be here tonight. After all, the enemy had not come for almost three days. But he knew better than that. He who had seen not one, not two but three deaths and nearly escaped two times. He shuddered to think of it.
As the darkness and weariness grew on he knew it was time. And finally, he gave the signal. There was instant activity. Everyone hurried over to different corners of the dungeon and approached their targets. However, as all plans have flaws so did this one. It was too late to realize the glitch. Instead of carrying all the supplies back safely, his companions already starving and exhausted were overcome by the immensity and started having their own fill before carrying some back. He was aghast at their behavior. He urged them to head back but to no avail.
And then it happened. There was a blinding white light. For a split second everyone was paralyzed. Then they hurried away helter-skelter each trying to find the safest position to hide. The enemy had arrived.
He himself was cowering in fear behind what seemed like a huge boulder. He thought on his feet. How long before the enemy realized they were there? He looked around desperately for an escape route but everything seemed to lead straight to the enemy. And then he heard it. One ear piercing scream and shout and he knew they had been exposed.
Wham! Wham! Another shout. Wham! The attack had started. His companions running to find new hiding places. He himself searching for some way to leave his current hideout which he knew would be found in a matter of seconds.
And then he saw it. A clear sure way of getting away from the enemy. It was far away and he would surely have to expose himself but it was worth the try. He built up his courage and surged ahead full speed not looking anywhere but his target. He passed dead bodies but he allowed himself not to feel. There would be time for that later. He ran for dear life and then he felt the crushing weight on him and knew the enemy had found his mark.
The enemy raised to strike again and then it all came back to him. His mother's murder. She had not given up. She had fought till the end. He too vowed to fight till the very end. He would do her that honor. He raised his injured leg and once again moved forward to his goal and then came the second strike. It was more painful than he had ever thought. He felt his body go limp but he still resolutely carried forward with his last ounce of energy.
The enemy was angry that he had still survived the blow. And then came the gas. The final weapon. He knew he had to be a tough one for the enemy to use that. As the gas was taking away the remnants of his breath he knew he had done justice to his mother and himself. He knew there would be other leaders who would succeed in the mission. It had not been a failed cause. He knew it.
His last few moments were spent listening to the enemy muttering something like, "Shit! This Hit spray is almost over. Have to go buy another one. Spend another hundred bucks on these monsters!"

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